About Me

Hi, I’m Kimberly, 

a birth doula (birthworker).

 Hi and welcome,
My name is Kimberly Gorskie-Garcia (She/Her). I’m French, born and raised in Lyon. I am  a  Los Angeles Birth Doula based in Redondo beach  in the center of Riviera Village. I’m a french doula (birthworker) trained by Cornerstone.

The question everyone is asking is why and how I became a doula (birthworker).

Well, we need to go back to my youth. I studied a lot of Art, had my Bachelor in Literature and Art, and decided to go studying communication for a degree. But, I quit after several months knowing it was not for me. I decided to go working instead, and, one of my best friend introduced me to the healthcare system, and I loved it deeply.

I’ve worked for almost 2 years in a retirement home. For a while, I’ve been trying to go back to my first love, Art, by going to the university but I ended up going back to the care. From this point on I decided to get some personal training.

I went to the nurse assistant school and became a pediatric nurse assistant. I
worked in many different floors such as reanimation, ER (Emergency room), NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit), Neurologic Pediatric, with kids that were suffering from burn injuries. I also worked a lot in the LD (Labor and Delivery) floor , postpartum floor for 5 years and loved it.

This is where I discovered my love and my path.

But I was so frustrated cause I didn’t have time to listen to the person who was giving birth, the work was too intense to create a real connection with people… I realized I wanted more, I wanted to be able to stay hours with that person if she needed me too, be there the whole night if she/he/they were feeling overwhelming and just required support. The time we needed to do our job properly wasn’t giving to us, so I searched for an alternative to my job.

And that’s how I discovered that amazing job: being a birth doula (birthworker).


Los Angeles,

Redondo Beach , California,

my new professional start

 In France, they only allow one support person in the Labor and Delivery floor so having a doula is tricky. Most of the French people don’t even know the meanings of these 2 words: birthworker and birth doula. As it was so challenging to be a birth doula in France I decided to keep the idea of being a birth doula (birthworker) in mind. This is when I found this amazing job with kids who were suffering from burn injuries. I loved it so much and stayed there for years.

Several years after, I became a mom of 2, Rita-Rosa my girl and Pavel my little boy. I decided to stay at home to take care of them a little bit
instead of taking care of the others for once.

Then, we decided to move to Los Angeles, Redondo Beach, California with my family and I realized it was an opportunity for me
to become a birth doula in Los Angeles . I’ve talked to people about birth doula in Los Angeles, Redondo beach, California and that was amazing: people were mentioning their own doula, giving me website and recommendations. In addition to my 10 years’ experience in different units, I decide to train myself and I’m now a birth doula fully trained by Cornerstone.

Now, I am a Los Angeles birth doula providing  birth and placenta encapsulation services based in Redondo Beach, California, serving in person Los Angeles County, South bay and Orange County .

Even if all over the world people are talking more and more about alternative, supporting people, taking care of each others we still have a long way to go.

 I want to be a part of that change as a birth doula.